Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce is made with 100% natural ingredients including organic Scotch Bonnet peppers grown in Haiti and other Caribbean countries

Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce

Growing up Merline heard stories of her mother Rose’s legendary hospitality. Rose was loved by all and known for her passion for preparing foods and hot sauces to share with family and friends. She passed away before Merline was old enough to remember her. These stories inspired Merline to pick up a spoon and continue in Rose’s culinary footsteps.

Merline’s family has a legacy of supporting education as a means to help people to grow and thrive and to develop their potential to do good. As co-founder of Haiti Partners and the Children’s Academy and Learning Center in Haiti, Merline is playing an active role in creating a school-based community development model that strives to prepare and inspire future changemakers.


“As you savor the unique combination of fresh, healthy, organic ingredients in my Caribbean Hot Sauce, we hope that you’ll also have the good feeling that comes with knowing you’re supporting livelihoods and education in Haiti.”

~ Merline Engle
Founder, Merline’s Caribbean Hot Sauce
Co-Director, Haiti Partners

What makes Merline’s a premium product?

There are lots of different hot sauce options out there. But besides being exceptionally tasty, Merline’s is special. Here’s why:

  • All natural, small batch: Merline’s is made in small batches from all natural ingredients, including only the best Caribbean Scotch Bonnet peppers. No gums for consistency, no preservatives or coloring, and no chemicals to worry about.
  • Quantity: While most hot sauce comes in 5 ounce or less bottles, Merline’s comes in 8 ounce bottles. That’s over 50% more for your lasting enjoyment.
  • Merline’s supports Haiti Partners: Merline’s is, start to finish, a heartful product. Not only does it support local Caribbean farmers through direct purchases of their vegetables, it also supports Haiti Partners.

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