start a fundraiser

There are countless ways to support education in Haiti.

Fundraising Has Never Been Easier

Whatever you love to do, you can do it to support education in Haiti. Over the years many supporters have used their imaginations when it comes to fundraising. From rock climbing to lemonade stands to tough mudders, the possibilities are endless.

How it Works:

1. Your method

Pick anything you love to do and turn it into a fundraiser

2. Set a goal

How much would you like to raise? What would make you celebrate?

3. Invite others

Build a CrowdRise account and reach out to your friends to support you

4. Make it happen!

Host your event and have fun doing what you love to support education

Use Your Imagination!
Do you have an exciting idea for a fundraising effort? Let your friends know and set it up today!
Go Big!
Fundraise over $25,000 and you can sponsor a class for an entire year.

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