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2014/15 breakdown of expenses

*This past year we received a designated gift of $50,000 from a generous supporter to build our fundraising and administrative capacity, which included a new website, brand refresh, and a better system to process donations and communicate with supporters. Because of this gift our fundraising and administration percentages are higher than previous years. We are grateful for this investment that builds our capacity to help Haitians change Haiti for years to come!

+ Our program spending breakdown is $587,804 in Quality Schools; $387,826 in Holistic Churches; $151,422 in Entrepreneurship; $190,098 in Partners; and $11,611 in Organizations. These numbers include all capitalized expenses.

Facts and figures

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2014/15 Annual Report

Highlighting commitment to incremental change, transparency and hope, the 2014/15 Annual Report shows what your support made possible in the last fiscal year. See below for our 2014/15 Financial Statement and Form 990.

5th Anniversary Annual Report (2013/14)

Our 5th Anniversary Annual Report demonstrates the success of the 2013/14 fiscal year and all we’ve accomplished since our beginning five years ago.

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*Before July 1st 2010, Haiti Partners operated under the fiscal umbrella of Beyond Borders