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Come and see.

Come and see

When asked by her supporters how they could help, Mother Teresa replied, “Come and See.”

Haiti Partners is regularly asked by churches, businesses, and individuals if we have mission trips or opportunities for people to come to Haiti and do something concrete to help. The answer is: Yes! We’d love for you to visit.

Read through to the next page to complete a visitor or volunteer form. We want to be good stewards of your time as you inquire about this. We also need to steward our organizational resources wisely as we support Haitians in changing their country.


As an organization we strive to never take jobs from Haitians. The purpose of Haiti Partners mission trips and volunteer opportunities is to facilitate visits with people who either are, or want to become, committed long-term partners with us in this work. We want to provide our Haitian colleagues with assistance and/or expertise that specifically responds to the needs they’ve expressed.

A few of the specific requests from our Haitian colleagues are:

  • Training in computers: Word, Excel, Internet, QuickBooks, photo and video software, etc.
  • English lessons
  • Pre-School and Elementary Education and Teacher Training
  • Written Translation of documents from English into Haitian Creole or French (this does not require travel to or work to be done in Haiti.)

Want to “come and see”? Begin here:

Already have a trip planned? Here are the essentials you’ll need:

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