Hot Sauce for Haiti

Pledge to fundraise on Facebook for your birthday or another event and we’ll have you in hot sauce in no time!

Spice up your birthday for a good cause!

Do you like hot sauce?
On Facebook?
Have a heart for Haiti?

If so, we invite you to do a Facebook fundraiser for a good cause: to provide quality education to students in Haiti. In exchange for the effort, you’ll receive:

  1. The WARM feeling that comes with helping the vulnerable … and,
  2. the HOT feeling of one bottle of Merline’s Hot Sauce made in small batches with love from organic Caribbean Scotch bonnet peppers grown in the Children’s Academy permaculture garden as well as from other Haitian farmers!

Details – including the pledge form – are below. 

How it Works:

1. Make the pledge

Fill out the form below to pledge to do a Facebook fundraiser for your birthday (or another event – a race, life event, etc) to support quality education for Haiti’s students.

2. Get ready to sweat with joy!

Your hot sauce, 3 handmade cards and HP t-shirt will arrive within 10 days. (Grab a towel. You’re going to need it. Like, seriously. Grab a towel.)

3. Await your email reminder

Two weeks before your fundraiser, we’ll send you a reminder of your pledge, along with tips on how to do a Facebook fundraiser.

4. Make it happen!

When the time comes, create your Facebook fundraiser (it literally takes 5 minutes), spread the word with friends and family, and make it happen for students in Haiti!

Merline Engle introduces her hot sauce with a taste test from Deanna, AJ, Andy, and Korri Slamans from Hershey, PA. Deanna is a new member to the Haiti Partners Board of Directors.

Pledge form

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