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Together we can accomplish anything

At Haiti Partners, we understand “partnership” very broadly. Volunteers and interns are partners. Financial supporters are partners. The staff members at our schools are partners. The community leaders who advise us – both in the U.S. and Haiti – are partners. Students’ parents are partners. Even the children we serve in our schools are our partners. What makes us all partners in this work is that we are all striving toward the same goal: a better future for Haiti, its people, and the world of which it is a part.

Decades of on-the-ground experience has taught us that real, significant, lasting change can only happen when all stakeholders have a voice and a chance to engage. Thus, change is a collective process. And this is why when you come visit or volunteer or contribute, you, too, become a “Haiti Partner.”

Our Approach

Haiti Partners promotes innovative, quality education and collaborative leadership through a school-based community development model. We believe that this model’s success will help shape the future of learning in Haiti and beyond.

Collaborative Leadership

Learning for Life


Become a Haiti Partner!

Everyday we see the potential for a paradigm shift in learning and leadership in Haiti. We see the beginnings of a new generation of students and leaders prepared to overcome the past and build a brighter tomorrow. Join us today to work toward this brighter future together.


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