Growing Together greeting cards are handmade from harvested banana plants and vetiver by a community committed to a brighter future for their children.

Handmade Paper Greeting Cards

We believe in the power of education. We also believe that schools in Haiti and elsewhere need to evolve if they seek to truly prepare children to create a brighter future. By ordering and sharing our greeting cards, you’re supporting forward-thinking education for Haiti’s children while also creating employment and an inspiring school-based community development model.

“Being a part of the papermaking team is a dream come true for me. I volunteered nearly full-time for several years and now am on staff. Being involved in something that’s so much bigger than me brings me meaning and joy. I love that my son is at The Children’s Academy  learning about entrepreneurship and working together through first hand experience.”

~ Natacha, Papermaking staff member and mother of Children’s Academy student, Marck Marvens

The Children’s Academy
Hand Papermaking Social Business

Two-thirds of Haiti’s population lives in poverty on less than $2 a day. One-third lives in extreme poverty on less than $1 a day. Entrepreneurship and servant-leadership are skills that can help children to become global citizens and to create livelihoods.

If we want children to learn creativity, problem solving, and collaboration – skills that are essential for entrepreneurs and effective leaders – we must model them in our schools. Having a social business at the Children’s Academy ensures that children grow up with entrepreneurship and collaboration in the air they breathe.

The Children’s Academy’s hand papermaking and greeting card social business is shaping the school’s culture. Parents contribute to their children’s education by providing school service hours, helping with hand papermaking, school gardens, and in the classrooms. Some parents and community members are employed by the initiative.

Students are soaking it all up, witnessing the community transforming natural fibers from harvested banana plants and vetiver into beautiful greeting cards that delight customers while they also transform their community for the better.

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