We Believe in the Power of Education

Haiti Partners believes that Haiti’s greatest untapped resource of tomorrow are her millions of children. A resource far greater than solar, wind and waves combined. Tapping this enormous source of energy and creative potential for solving Haiti’s problems requires a new education and leadership paradigm.

What makes school at the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy different?
Join Leissa as she shares her experience:

What’s Holding Haiti Back?

Escaping a History Fraught with Injustice

Haiti’s long history of colonialism, slavery, and exploitation has hobbled its institutions and cultivated a passive acceptance of the status quo. In this context, progress has become a zero-sum game where one can only advance at the expense of another.

Learn about the history that led to Haiti’s ongoing challenges, the compelling indigenous
cooperative practice of “Konbit,” and how it has shaped Haiti Partners’ work:

Why it Matters

Bridging the Gap

In our increasingly globalized, interconnected world, a loss of human potential in a developing country like Haiti becomes a loss for everyone. To bridge the gap, we need to bring people together, across borders in genuine partnership, to seek innovative solutions that benefit all of us.

The Way Forward

A Community of Changemakers

Over 25 years of in-country experience has taught us that the most fertile terrain for sustainable change in Haiti is through a high quality, community-based education that teaches students and parents active learning strategies and prepare them to be agents of change in their community and country.

How Can You Help?

Become a Haiti Partner!

Everyday we see the potential for a paradigm shift in learning and leadership in Haiti. We see the beginnings of a new generation of students and leaders prepared to overcome the past and build a brighter tomorrow. Join us today to work toward this brighter future together.


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