Children’s Academy and Learning Center

Reshaping education toward a stronger, more democratic Haiti.

Building on decades of work in leadership development and education, Haiti Partners opened its own school in 2012. From the ground up, we’re building it as a place that’s cultivating learning and innovation for children and adults of all ages, a center of activity that brings the whole community together.

The Children’s Academy and Learning Center (known as “ADECA” in Haiti) is a vibrant primary school that serves as our model school. It’s a place where educators from across Haiti come to see a quality school in action and discover methods of education and leadership that help them transform their communities.

In October 2012 we launched the first class of Pre-K students. As of fall 2016, there are three preschool grades and two primary grade with a total of 184 students.

meet Abigail, a Children’s Academy student

Help us continue to build the vision

The Children’s Academy and Learning Center is a big vision: preschool, primary and secondary school, training and meeting center, and agricultural/ environmental/social business hub. With 184 students, the school radiates with joy, the clinic consults over 120 patients a week, and the training center (under construction) will be completed in 2016. Please contact us if you wish to become a part of making this vision a reality.

A special thanks to our partners on this project

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