Children’s Academy 6th Anniversary

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On Sunday, February 25th, the Children’s Academy and Learning Center – our flagship school – celebrated its 6th anniversary. Hundreds of people – students, teachers, parents, young and old neighborhood friends, local Board and school committee members, as well as international visitors – were on hand to celebrate the school and the community’s shared accomplishments. In true Haitian fashion, there was lots of music, dancing, speeches, acknowledgments, decorations and food. It was a wonderful, inspiring event.

Click here to view picture from the 6th anniversary celebration.

Though we hold lots of meetings at the Children’s Academy, this is the only really big annual celebration. What decades of experience has taught us is that large, open get-togethers like this are key to building and energizing the community around our shared purpose: developing a school, and community, of changemakers prepared and inspired to change Haiti for the better.

Thank you for your partnership. We couldn’t do it without you.

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