Children’s Academy construction training draws on concept of “konbit”

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This series of photos is from the recent holiday break. It is of a construction training held at the Children’s Academy for 20 people, primarily made up of local residents, parents of students and even school staff. In keeping with other programming at the school like the Home Gardens project, the training drew on the concept of “Konbit” – where everyone works for the mutual benefit of all – to develop a strong team with a wide variety of expertise that will be ready to go just as soon as the next opportunity for construction arises.

Since 2011 when the idea of the Children’s Academy was first considered, we imagined it as more than a traditional school. In a country with so many crucial needs, we envisioned a school which would serve not only students, but also parents, neighbors and, indeed, the whole school community. We envisioned them not just learning academic skills, but also the kinds of relevant knowledge and skills which would best position them to prosper as individuals, families, and as a community.

We’re proud to see the parents who learned construction at the Children’s Academy in years past from our construction partners, Extollo International, today teaching others those same skills so that they can go out and rebuild their community and country and in the process provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Bon travay tout moun! [Good work everyone!] We’re thrilled to be in this work with you and are excited to continue moving forward together in the years to come!


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