Children’s Academy first grader, Annie, learns to love school

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Annie is an elementary student at The Children’s Academy. She’s 6-years old and is in first grade. You may recall her and her brother, Lenz (see below), who were featured in a previous post back in 2021. When they started at The Children’s Academy they were fearful and would often cry when their parents dropped them off. With a little time, however, they came to love school so much that they even wanted to stay after the school day ended.

Today, Annie loves math and also loves to read. According to her teacher, Jouvresse, during playtime when most students are playing with toys Annie asks for paper instead so she can write. In Jouvresse’s words, “I am super encouraged by Annie’s motivation to learn from me as her teacher as well as her motivation to teach herself.”

Sometimes Jouvresse will check in on her students’ motivation. “Do you guys like school?,” she asks. Annie is always the first one to raise her hand to speak with such a big grin while still showing respect for others. Annie’s response? “I love school because I want to become a teacher like you.” It warms Jouvresse’s heart.

Annie finds great joy at The Children’s Academy. She is always looking forward to being on the school grounds. Jouvresse explains, “As teachers we want to create an environment where our students feel welcome, accepted and comfortable.” Annie helps with this as she continually spreads joy through her smile even in the midst of the great hardships her country faces.

We are grateful for your support of Annie and her fellow classmates, staff like Jouvresse, her colleagues and families. Thank you.

Annie in December 2022

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