Investing in the Class of 2028

 In Class of 2028

In the Fall of 2012, the Haiti Partners Children’s Academy opened its doors to the first class of 30 children. Their lives would be forever changed.

These kids have an opportunity that no one before them in their community has ever had: access to quality education at an affordable price near where they live.

The Children’s Academy is a very special place. It was created in full participation with the surrounding community and has become a center of activity, not only for the children but also for adults.

Settled atop a mountain with sweeping views of the ocean, Port-au-Prince and the surrounding valley, the school features a beautiful classroom building, a thriving community garden, strong parental volunteerism, monthly community meetings, and even innovative composting toilets.

Check out this recent report on the Children’s Academy and Schools Program to get a glimpse into the amazing results being achieved. You can also learn more on the Haiti Partners website.

A new building is under construction that will house a bakery, a guesthouse and a training center. The bakery and the training center are each social businesses, designed to cover the cost of the school down the road.

Until then, a group of friends in the San Francisco Bay area have committed to funding a Class Scholarship for all members of the Class of 2028.

Special thanks to: Stephanie Amend, Cheryl & Sherman Balch, Joan Bayston, Ben & Gabrielle Blair, Claire & Mark Dowds, Barby & Scott Farmer, John & Julie Holland, Catherine & Mark Hopper, Debbie Kelly, Craig & Marybeth McCullum, John & Molly Ott, George & Kim Papageorge, Avery & Connie Pratt, Doug & Tracey Roeder, Debbie & Sean Ryan, Armin & Erna Schopfer, Chris & Kristina Smith, Anita & Sandy Soule, and Lisa Victor who have joined Leigh Ann and I in this commitment.

If you’re interested in joining this group, please contact me. If you have a group that would like to fund a class scholarship for a class of children at a Haiti Partners school, contact Brian Ballard.

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