Community & Commitment: One parent’s story

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It’s in the midst of the rice that the little rock tastes some grease.

~ Haitian Proverb


Haiti Partners believes that partnership is the key to a better life, period. Whether we’re talking about a marriage or the relationship between parents and teachers at a school, joining hands in partnership multiplies the fruits of our labor.

As many of you know, an important aspect of the Children’s Academy’s school-based community development model is the requirement of parents to give four service hours to the school or community each week. It’s a partnership. Parents help in classrooms, work in school gardens, help make handmade paper, do road repair, care for families suffering hardship, etc.

The Children’s Academy serves a community that is extremely poor financially so parents just don’t have the means to pay the school fees that would be required for their children to get a good education. While we think it’s basis for a great partnership–service hours and engagement in ongoing education in exchange for your child’s schooling–the reality is, it’s a new concept and four hours a week is a big commitment.

Below is the letter that a parent, Nelson, father of two students, gave to the Children’s Academy Leadership Team requesting a second chance. We’re delighted to share that his children, Saraika and Bradley, are in school, thriving and that Nelson and his wife are keeping up with their commitment.

We’re grateful for all of you who are in partnership with these parents, with the teachers and Leadership Team, and with the students for a brighter future. THANK YOU!

Here’s the content of his letter:

September 2, 2018

To Children’s Academy Leadership Team,

I greet you and want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the important work you’re doing in the Bellevue la Montagne community.

The objective of this letter is to ask forgiveness for not respecting the contract that I signed for this past school year. I feel guilty facing my children because right up until now, they believe that they’re starting school at Children’s Academy on Monday.

I’m taking this opportunity to communicate that I’ve not found a good school to register my children in. I’m wondering if you will help me. I was among the twelve parents that received a letter stating that my children were losing their place at Children’s Academy because I didn’t fulfill my service hour obligation. I want to fulfill these hours that I owe. Will you give me another chance? The proverb says, “it’s in the midst of the rice that the little rock tastes some grease.”

So, myself, the parent of Saraika and Bradley, I’m ready to give all the service hours that I owe for last year so that I can stand proud before my children who love this school.

I hope that you receive this letter with compassionate hearts.

Thank you,


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