Haiti Partners and the Children’s Academy make the 2018 WorldBlu List of Most Freedom-Centered workplaces!

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We are excited to announce that both Haiti Partners and our flagship school, the Children’s Academy and Learning Center, made The WorldBlu List of Freedom-Centered Workplaces again this year. For Haiti Partners, this is the the 9th year in a row; for the Children’s Academy and Learning Center, it’s the 3rd. Founded in 1997, WorldBlu is a global academy and community of leaders and organizations committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace.

I’m a Freedom-Centered Leader because I want the Children’s Academy to thrive. Happy employees are key to a thriving organization. Employees that feel inspired to engage their energy and creativity to help the organization advance is what we’re after. Pressure and rules from leadership does not garner inspiration, it produces compliance. We need inspired performance to accomplish our school’s mission of preparing and inspiring changemakers and driving school-based community development. Freedom-Centered Leadership creates conditions for people to be happy and to discover their best selves, which means continual personal growth. Continual personal growth is key to creating a better home life, nurturing relationships with family and friends, and every aspect of one’s life. People who are growing and bringing their best selves to their work will create, if permitted, thriving organizations.

I also want to practice freedom-centered leadership because it gives me joy to get to see people evolve and grow. This makes life so much more fun and rewarding.

~ Alex Myril, Children’s Academy Coordinator

WorldBlu is doing excellent work helping all kinds of companies and organizations learn to harness the power of freedom in the way they organize and execute their work. We are both humbled and honored to be members of their great network.

To learn more, check out the 2018 WorldBlu list here.

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