Haiti Partners & Children’s Academy make the 2021 WorldBlu List of Most Freedom-Centered Cultures!

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We are excited to announce that both Haiti Partners and our flagship school, the Children’s Academy and Learning Center, made The WorldBlu List of Freedom-Centered Cultures again this year. For Haiti Partners, this is the the 12th year in a row; for the Children’s Academy and Learning Center, it’s the 6th. Founded in 1997, WorldBlu is a global academy and community of leaders and organizations committed to freedom and democracy in the workplace.

I strive to be a freedom centered leader because it’s key to humanity’s future. Being a freedom-centered leader is key to 1) helping people discover their best selves and 2) building great teams. Freedom centered leadership produces change-makers. It’s also key to creating a culture rich with energy, innovation, fun, meaning, and love. People do their best work when they’re invested in it. Practicing freedom at work creates conditions for engagement and investment. People are more likely to become their best selves when they find meaning in their work and engagement is key to this.

The values and practices that make someone a freedom centered leader–respect, dialogue, collaboration, transparency, accountability, etc.– create an environment where joy and meaning is the norm. Everyone in the organization is invited and encouraged to connect their work with their passions. We accomplish things we might have never thought we could.

~ John Engle, Co-Director

WorldBlu is doing excellent work helping all kinds of companies and organizations learn to harness the power of freedom in the way they organize and execute their work. We are both humbled and honored to be members of their great network.

To learn more, check out the WorldBlu list here.

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