Parent interview at the Children’s Academy: “…this is a new community”

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Isaac is the father of two children at Children’s Academy. He asked me if I (John) had several minutes so that he could share something with me. Of course I agreed, but some heaviness came over me. So often, when people in our neighborhood want to talk to me about something, it’s because someone is either very ill or there’s a death in the family and there’s not the means to deal with it.

Instead, Isaac starting pouring out his heart with gratitude for the school, for the education his children are receiving, for the education that he and others in the community are receiving toward ending violence against women and children. Isaac and his wife, Guerda, have received training from our partner, Beyond Borders Haiti, and are forming groups of parents and other community members that meet weekly to receive proven training for changing attitudes. Isaac told me, “I’m not saying that violence toward women and children has completely stopped in our community. What I can say with evidence is that it’s decreasing dramatically. This school, these trainings for parents, the village savings and loans groups, the gardening techniques… this is a new community.”

We can’t thank you enough–all who are making this work possible–for your generosity. Thank you for being a partner in this work with us. In addition to changing lives of individuals–children and adults–you’re participating in creating a school-based community development model that is having a far reaching impact as we receive regularly teachers and leaders who are involved in schools and education in Haiti. As parents and staff at Children’s Academy say to one another, “We’re accomplishing beautiful things together.” (N ap fè bèl bagay ansanm). Thank you again for being in this work with us. We invite you to share these posts. Thanks for joining us in spreading good news far and wide about positive actions taking place in the world even as we speak out against and work to end injustice.

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