VOICES FROM HAITI: Preschool Director, Dafny, replies to the question: “What makes The Children’s Academy different from other schools in Haiti?”

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What makes The Children’s Academy different from other schools in Haiti?

The Children’s Academy is different from other schools in Haiti in many ways: its philosophy is a more significant part of the school’s life, especially concerning its activities and extracurriculars; the buildings respect school construction standards; the classrooms are fully equipped, its spaces are attractive, clean and have fresh air; and, its moral values ​​can be seen every day in the school.

After that, there is the garden that helps the children understand the importance that agriculture holds for the country. It creates a context for the success of natural science lessons. Additionally, the Village Savings and Loan program is an excellent source of help to the community. Also, the use of Haitian Creole helps the children learn better.

Finally, joining The Children’s Academy has taught me many things. I believe that the philosophy embodied by The Children’s Academy will contribute significantly to Haiti’s progress in education.

All children who can go to The Children’s Academy must not neglect to work and take advantage of all the opportunities found there.

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