Teaching Life-Skills through the Children’s Academy Marketplace

 In Children's Academy, Quality Schools Program

Open air markets are a central part of economic and social life in Haiti. Average Haitians find everything they need there, from plantains to toothpaste, and for Haiti’s many farmers, it’s the place you go to sell your harvest. Its importance can’t be overestimated.

In order to teach students about this, the Children’s Academy has market days where students are given paper “money” that they use to “purchase” items that were grown in the school’s permaculture garden. This video is from the most recent market day which took place last Friday.



At the Children’s Academy, we’re teaching our students real world, locally relevant skills, so that they’ll be ready for the future. Thank you to our garden team, as well as the many parent volunteers who always make this event a great success! 🥑🍌😁👍

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