The Children’s Academy Reopens!

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It is with great joy that we share the news that The Children’s Academy has reopened! As described previously, because of gang activity in the vicinity, the school had to shut its doors to students all the way back in January. While some activities were still possible for adults – primarily the Papermaking Social Business and the school gardens – because of safety concerns, we could not welcome students.

With a recent lull in gang activity in the area, staff members and parents got together to discuss it and decided that the time was finally right to reopen again for students. The Children’s Academy thus reopened its doors at the beginning of last week.

The school community, of course, is not yet out of the woods. The gangs are still very active in the cities, and in some cases in the countryside as well. We also do not know how long the current quiet will last. But for the time being, we are celebrating the fact that The Children’s Academy is once again open to students and able to continue striving towards its mission: to prepare and inspire changemakers.

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