The Home Gardens initiative is underway!

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We’re pleased to share that the Home Gardens (“Jaden Lakay” in Haitian Creole) initiative – which deals with the looming hunger crisis caused by COVID-19 – is going really well. The ground work has been done and the team is aligned and organized. Installation of the rain water catchment systems along with planting of the Home Gardens is underway.

These images are from the family home of our wonderful student Herdes, who will be starting 6th grade this year. He is 11 years old. His family has 2 boys at the Children’s Academy.

Merline spoke to the family on the phone. They said it’s the greatest miracle to have this water catchment system and a garden planted. They’ve never thought something like this would be possible and for it to happen so quickly. They are super grateful for the work that Haiti Partners is doing in the community, not just ‘to give a fish, but to teach how to fish.’ They are so excited about their water catchment system as well as their new garden with the opportunity to learn more and to grow more food for their family.

So far, the following has been planted: 32 bell pepper, broccoli, green cabbage, and spinach plants; 22 red beat plants; 29 baby spinach plants; 1 breadfruit tree and 2 citrus trees. They will also be planting potatoes and beans.

Thank you for your ongoing support as we adapt to the current circumstances to be there for the students and families in Haiti we work with!

PS: If Herdes looks familiar, that’s because he was the first student profiled in our “Then and Now” series. See here:

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