Then and Now profile: Herdes

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When Herdes came to the Children’s Academy in 2012 as a preschooler, he was just 3 years old. On his first day, he cried when his parents left him, and for some time after he shied away from other students and participating in school activities. The world away from home was scary and he wasn’t sure about his place in it.

Today as a 3rd grader Herdes doesn’t shy away from anything. He engages with enthusiasm with students, teachers, international visitors, and the many new activities he discovers each day at school: story-writing and book-making, arts and crafts, self-guided and group learning, permaculture gardening, computers, the student village savings group, paper-making…

As ever, we at Haiti Partners are grateful to everyone who has pitched in to help Herdes along on his journey. But we’re also especially grateful to Herdes and his family for investing their lives in this work. Knowing Herdes and watching his development renews, each day, our hope for Haiti’s future.

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