Then and Now profile: Carline

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Carline enrolled at the Children’s Academy in 2012 at 3 years old. Having endured corporal punishment at home, Carline was shy and fearful. While Carline was at school learning what it was like to be respected and valued, her mom received extensive training in child protection. Meanwhile her parents joined a Village Savings and Loan group (VSL) to improve their financial situation. They all received health care at the school clinic. With time, her parents abandoned corporal punishment in favor of positive discipline.

Today, Carline is a joyful, communicative, empowered 8-year-old. She’s also a leader. On Fridays, she leads a children’s group that talks about child protection. She is president of the 3rd grade VSL group. She knows how to express herself and listen to others, grow her own vegetables using permaculture techniques, and make handmade paper.

With 216 children receiving an empowering education each day, over 700 parents and other community members engaged each week in child protection and women’s rights training, and over 600 people per month getting health care at the on-site clinic, the transformation taking place both in students like Carline, and in the broader community, is extraordinary. We can’t wait to watch Carline grow and evolve as she leads her community towards a brighter future.

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