8th Annual Open Space

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Kent and I were in Haiti during last week in June. We were there for our 8th Annual Open Space meeting (among other things) which convened for three days 70 Haitian educators and community leaders from around the country.

Click here to view a great slideshow. (Photos taken by Haitian pro photographer, Eric Graham.)

These meetings are a time of hope, fun and creativity, not to mention deep learning and trust building. Important work gets done. During the days small and large groups convene all around the guesthouse campus to address topics hot on people’s minds like “How Can Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) improve their/our impact” to “How we’re funding teachers’ salaries with social enterprises.” In the evenings we set up the projector and laptop and did Internet training, a session on self-evaluation, and viewed an exciting presentation about man-made lakes in Haiti that feed people (fish production) and reduce flooding.

There are so many exciting things happening. We couldn’t be more grateful for the generous support and encouragement from our friends and supporters. I’m feeling deep gratitude.

Here’s an unprofessionally done video, created by me ; ) I made it especially for folks who were there but I’ll share it here in case some of you want to get a better feel for these meetings and people involved.

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