Children’s Academy community meeting provides hope and inspiration in troubled times

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Given the current circumstances in Haiti, it’s more important than ever that people find reasons for hope. Without hope, it’s almost unimaginable to go on.

With this in mind, we’re pleased to share about a community meeting held at The Children’s Academy this month. The meeting was attended by more than 200 people. For so many people to come out of their homes and gather for such a meeting is, in itself, a remarkable accomplishment. Bear in mind, with all the gang activity these days, leaving one’s house isn’t entirely safe.

At the meeting a father of two students named, Joseph, spoke from his heart:

The Children’s Academy and Haiti Partners’ work in this community is about striving for mutual betterment and elevated consciousness. We’re thankful for all the support, especially during these challenging times.

Thank you for providing hope through your support and generosity in these hard times. It has been instrumental in our progress towards the Children’s Academy’s mission of preparing and inspiring changemakers. And, in turn, it has been key in our efforts to create a new school-based community development model and in supporting our six partner schools.

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