After Tomas: Port au Prince to Cabois

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November 6, 2010, 8:45 PM

There’s been considerable rain where we live since last evening and there are also wind gusts. I fear for folks in Leogane and elsewhere who are vulnerable to flooding.

Following yesterday’s update, a group of us traveled to Cabois Community School. Ryan and Aron with EPHAS along with Wadson Michel joined our OLPC/Waveplace/Bonnie Farnell group.

Again, we’re so grateful for your thoughts and prayers. Tomas has created major flooding in Leogane, Les Cayes and other coastal cities. Below are Leogane photos taken by our co-worker Abelard. Thus far we’ve learned that four people have lost their lives in Leogane.

Yesterday, we observed a large tree down along with minor flooding in Port au Prince. I’m (John Engle) sure there’s more flooding in the city even if not major. While water was high in back roads in Gressier/Leogane area, we were able to make it all the way to Cabois Community School, situated beside a large river. Fortunately, no homes have been lost and no one has been injured in Cabois.

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