Capacity Building 3 Project

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The Capacity Building 3 project was a series of 12 three-day training meetings held between May 2009 and December 2011 that were generously funded by a grant from the Vista Hermosa Foundation.

This project convened 40 community leaders from all over Haiti with the goal of strengthening their leadership capacity so they could become more effective change agents in their communities.  Over these three years these leaders learned a number of crucial skills: how to integrate computers into their work – including email, word processing, and spreadsheets; how to create personal plans with clear, measurable goals; how to use participatory/invitational/democratic leadership methods in new ways; how to better network to find the resources to make their dreams a reality; and, how to create social businesses, a key approach to generating revenue toward making projects sustainable.

“For me, these three years helped enormously.  It gave me a solid understanding of how to write a project; it improved my confidence in my work and others’ confidence in me; and, it advanced my capacity with computers and a number of other topics as well.  I will always hold onto this.”

-Elisée Abraham, community organizer and church leader, Latounèl

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