Children’s Academy: Scholarship for the Class of 2028

 In General

We’re inviting you to join us in investing in the first class of children who will graduate from the school in 2028.  Providing scholarships for the 30 kids costs $25k per year. Leigh Ann and I are investing $5k in this fund, so we’re looking to raise an additional $20k. We’re looking for minimum commitments of $1,000. And while we’re not asking for commitment for future years, we’re hoping you’ll want to continue to invest in these kids.

Investors will receive:

  • Monthly blog post updates from the class
  • Regular status updates with photos of the children and classroom activities
  • A book featuring photos of the students, their teachers and the school along with a list of the participating investors
  • Two investor dinner parties in the Bay Area over the course of the year
  • Opportunity to travel to Haiti with fellow investors to visit the school and meet the children (optional)


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