Circles of Change Training with Power of Education School

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February 3, 2013
Erik Badger

We’re pleased  to announce another Circles of Change contract, this time with the Power of Education School in Fontamara, a neighborhood of Port-au-Prince. The goal of the training is to help a group of teachers practice participative leadership so that they can collaborate better with one another as well as improve their teaching practice. The group began January 26 and will run once a week for six months.

The group had a strong start with 34 teachers. The above pictures are from yesterday, their second session. In them you see the signature elements of the Circles of Change program, small and large group work, where participants improve their collaboration and speaking and listening skills through practice. Over time, they’ll learn to take increasing responsibility for their ideas and actions, and learn both to appreciate inclusive leadership and how to exercise it. To learn more about the Organizations program and Circles of Change, click here.


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