Civic Empowerment Project Meeting

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December 20, 2010

Last Friday we held our second Civic Empowerment Project meeting.  These meetings bring together the leaders of the many Circles of Change groups we have organized throughout Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas.  Aside from the many logistical issues that needed to be covered at this meeting, we focused on how the groups would integrate discussions based on passages from the Haitian Constitution – discussions designed to help participants understand their rights and responsibilities as Haitian citizens in Haiti’s fledgling democracy.

The meeting went great.  The group has really jelled and has a great participatory dynamic – such a wonderful contrast to the dysfunctional communication we see all too often in Haitian politics.

Thanks to USAID for supporting this work and to our fantastic Haitian colleagues who are making this important work happen each day under very challening circumstances!

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