Filming on La Gonave

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November 12, 2009

I (John Engle) returned yesterday from Haiti. During back to back trips to the remote village of Mon Ramye on the island of La Gonave we completed story line and filming for a short film about a Haitian success story.

It’s now more than 25 years that community members of Mon Ramye have engaged in social enterprises so that they could start a school and pay teachers’ salaries. They train and support people in neighboring communities to do the same. There are now 21 communities following the their model. We determined this success story deserves to be told and hope that this short film will air on national television in Haiti. We’re also doing a companion book so that others around Haiti can learn from this model. Special thanks to Vista Hermosa Foundation for making funds available and for the talented Luke Renner who is doing the film.

Click here to see beautiful photos by Luke Renner and Eric Graham.

Se yon solisyon natif natal ki montre kapasite Ayisyen pou leve defi yo. (It’s a local Haitian solution demonstrating capacity of Haitians to meet challenges.)

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