Haiti Earthquake Update & Relief Plan

 In General

Thanks to all of you who have reached out, donated, or otherwise shown your support for Haiti and her people in this extraordinarily challenging time. We are grateful to be able to share that both the Children’s Academy and the Partner Schools are undamaged, and that all teachers and other staff are safe.

The situation in the south remains dire. In addition to ongoing after shocks, Tropical Storm Grace passed over Haiti Monday dumping heavy rains and creating the conditions for flooding and mudslides. Over 1400 deaths have been confirmed and many thousands are homeless. These numbers will only get worse in the coming days.

Haiti Partners is not a relief organization. Our focus is long term, sustainable change through partnering with Haitians on education, entrepreneurship and leadership development. But when disaster strikes in a case like this, we must do our best to bring the resources we have to bear and help such as we can.

To this end after careful consideration we will be giving 100% of gifts designated for earthquake relief to the families of people that we know and trust and who agree to report back on how the funds were used to help them through hardship. We ask those of you who wish to donate to help Haitians who have suffered loss because of this recent disaster to please add “earthquake relief” in the comment field with your donation.

As ever, thank you for keeping Haiti and her people close to your heart in this terrible time of need. We will continue to keep you apprised of developments as we learn more.

With gratitude,

~ Merline, Deb, Erik and John for Haiti Partners

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