Insitute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti

 In General

October 10, 2009

Haiti Partners feels honored to be working with Haitians doing extraordinary things to improve their communities and their country. Most of what we focus on and talk about are the wonderfully positive things happening in Haiti.

There are also terrible injustices that need to be exposed. We are encouraged by the work of organizations in Haiti, the US and elsewhere whose “raison d’etre” (purpose for being) is to promote justice and expose injustice.

We honor the work of Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti and I (John Engle) have the deepest respect for Director Brian Concannon. I have had the privilege of working with him, his colleagues and groups that they are advocating for.

Chapo ba Brian ak koleg ou yo (hats off to you and your colleagues) for your work toward defending human rights in Haiti. The clip below was produced by the New Media Advocacy Project.

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