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 In General, Partner Schools, Quality Schools Program

My colleagues and I (John Engle) are celebrating! Vista Hermosa, which is funding our 3-year Capacity Building Project just approved funding of 3 year proposal called Social Enterprise for Advancing Quality Education. We’re elated! Here’s a summary below. Click here to download proposal in PDF format.

Overall: Develop and promote good leadership, inspiring successes, innovative solutions and community commitment to quality education in Haiti by leveraging Vista Hermosa-funded Capacity Building3 Project.

I.   Create, distribute and promote a video documentary and companion booklet highlighting a success story of Haitian social enterprises that are funding six schools. This video will be made available in English, French, Spanish and Creole for widespread use in Haiti and elsewhere.

II.  In partnership with four Haitian schools, develop a “model school” approach for replication: teachers’ salaries funded by social enterprise, 50%+ students are girls, and curriculum including agriculture (community garden), participatory leadership, discussion-based education and social enterprise creation.

III. Design program to train groups of about 15 people in each of 25 communities, igniting their imaginations and equipping them with tools and knowledge for creating social enterprises for furthering education.

IV. Energize Mwen Renmen Peyi m initiative (“I Love My Country“), which is led by Haiti’s private business sector by: a) Providing material, programs and projects that further their cause (above 3 objectives), b) bring American business leaders to Haiti who are known for corporate responsibility/philanthropy for exchange, c) film their visits so that they can spread the word among their US contacts and networks about these exciting initiatives in Haiti.


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