Bill Clinton in Haiti

 In General

October 2, 2009


Former President Bill Clinton who is serving as Haiti’s Special Envoy to UN was in Petion-Ville yesterday for a conference at Caribe Hotel and Convention Center. (It’s a beautiful place!) More than 200 investors from Latin and North America and Europe attended along with local business leaders. Click here for article. I (John Engle) look forward to getting the inside scoop on the event from a friend who was part of the planning committee.

I continue to be amazed by infrastructure improvements that I witness with each visit. Yesterday I visited the OASIS being built in Petion-Ville. It’s amazing. Roads are being improved in major ways, new office buildings, hotels and apartment buildings being constructed. Continued improvement in security is rippling out, bringing a multitude of positive initiatives. And, there’s a long way to go. But there’s positive movement!

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