Thank you DHL and Individual Contributors!

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March 30, 2010

Yesterday we cleared from customs the 200 XO laptops for Haitian children contributed by individuals and shipped without charge by DHL.  Haiti Partners is grateful to be in partnership with OLPC and Waveplace on this pilot project, which involves training 40 carefully selected Haitian “mentors” who will each work over 6 weeks with five Haitian students. Expect to see photos and videos of this next week!

We’re working hard to make make this pilot a success and anticipate that eventually ALL students in our Learning Centers will have XO laptops. We’re committed to doing everything possible to help Haiti to leapfrog forward and our Learning Centers and XO laptops are key strategies.

Again, individual contributors, DHL, OLPC, Waveplace, thank you! We’re honored to be in partnership with you.

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