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January 10, 2012

This month marks two years since the earthquake. The message being broadcasted in the media right now is: there’s little change and Haitians continue to suffer in spite of so much aid.

There is truth to that—but it’s not the whole truth because people like you, who are contributing to Haiti Partners, need to know that your dollars have made and are making a real, tangible, hopeful difference every day!

Thanks to your support and Haiti Partners strong network of schools and partners, together we have:

  • Built and staffed 42 classrooms for Haitian children.
  • Trained thousands of teachers and grassroots leaders.
  • Distributed 15,000 Creole Bibles, and are providing 15 Haitian leaders with seminary scholarships.
  • Begun construction on the Children’s Academy, which is slated to receive its first 50 students in September.

Last month, 35 educators and grassroots leaders completed our 3-year Leaders Program. These Haitian leaders talked about how much this training has meant in helping them to create community projects, to find meaningful employment, and to improve their organizations. Their stories are a powerful testimony of how your support is helping Haitians change Haiti.

Thank you for being with us in this work!

John and Kent

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