We Need a Baker!

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May 12, 2012

Thanks to our partnership with Grameen Creative Lab, Haiti Partners and a new cooperative we’re starting in Haiti is anticipating a significant loan to start a bakery. Thanks to our partnership with BAR Architects, we’re getting the architectural design for the new building for free! BAR Architects, in partnership with Architecture For Humanity designed the Children’s Academy complex, which is where the bakery will be. The purpose of the bakery, in addition to making great products that people love and benefit from (there will be retail and wholesale), is to help cover operating budget of Children’s Academy. Additionally, the social businesses that we’re starting in partnership with all of our partner schools are intended to create an entrepreneurial culture among students, teachers and parents.

But…WE NEED A BAKER! Feasibility studies have confirmed what the locals have been saying. The area needs a good bakery! People have to walk way to far and for bread that’s not great.

There are are several bakers in Haiti that are advising us, including one that sells bakery equipment ; ). We need someone with extensive experience who can champion this project for six months to a year. Someone who can advise on best equipment to purchase, design of building, recipes and help train the staff.

Do you or someone you know have extensive experience running a bakery and a desire to engage in a super exciting and meaningful project for the next six to 12 months? Here’s where you’d be spending your time each day:

Yes, the site is as beautiful as it looks and the climate is near perfect. The kids and adults in the area couldn’t be more excited about this project. Mr. Monclair, 82 beams with joy everytime I (John) see him. If he’s told me once he’s told me a half a dozen times, “I never thought I’d see anything like this in my neighborhood in my lifetime.”

It’s about 2,700 feet overlooking Port au Prince. You’d lodge and have meals at John and Merline’s home and guesthouse 1.3 miles away. If you have the experience and are interested, email john@haitipartners.org

Click here to Learn more about construction of the Children’s Academy.

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