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OPPORTUNITY,  a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

Recently four of our Micah Scholars were given an amazing opportunity when board member Yanique Edmond hosted them on an educational exchange trip in Washington, D.C.

For 12 days these scholars were mentored by pastors, professors, and individuals interested in the meaningful work of Haiti Partners. For three of the Micah Scholars, this was the first trip they’d ever taken outside of Haiti. The group was led by program coordinator Enel Angervil from Haiti, as well as staff members Brian, Jonathan, and Kent. But the driving force behind it all was Haiti Partners board member Dr. Yanique Edmond, her friend & collaborator Dr. Dominique Charlot-Swilley, and many other friends and supporters that they helped organize from the DC area.

They spent time with a wonderful Haitian-American community there, including a meeting with Karl Racine, the attorney-general of the District of Columbia. They visited a number of African-American churches, including The People’s Community Baptist Church, Mt. Ennon Baptist Church, New Bethel Baptist Church, Winners Chapel International Church, and a Haitian-American congregation, Bread of Life Bible Fellowship. They learned about topics from the role of the church in community transformation, to the role of pastors in the local church, to reflections on racial and violence issues, particularly in light of the violence in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas that week. They attended a preaching seminar with Dr. Kenyatta Gilbert, a professor from Howard Seminary, who had also led a Micah Scholars retreat in Haiti in 2012. And all along the way they gathered with groups of new friends for fellowship and encouragement, particularly for the women Micah Scholars, who face incredible challenges breaking into leadership and ministry roles in Haiti.


During the time, the Micah Scholars were able to share – in word and song – in different church services about their faith and work in Haiti. It was a deeply meaningful time of fellowship. They visited Howard University, one of the oldest historically Black universities in the country. And they also got to see incredible sights, from the U.S. Capitol (including seeing Congress in session) to the MLK Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial.


After being in D.C. they then spent three days in Richmond, Virginia, for an exchange organized by Jonathan Chan in the Church Hill community where he and his wife live. Through connecting with partners like East End Fellowship, Church Hill Activities and Tutoring, Richmond Hill, and Arrabon, they dove into learning more about the ways that Christians can engage issues of justice and community development both holistically and incarnationally.


And through visiting Jonathan’s parents in Richmond, they got a crash course in using chopsticks to eat authentic Chinese food!


This opportunity would never have been possible without the generosity of Haiti Partners Board Member Yanique Edmond and many other friends and supporters in the D.C. area. On behalf of the Micah Scholars, “Nou rekonesan!” We are so thankful. This trip will bear fruit for many years to come!

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