IMN Community School

Helping students uncover their strengths and talents and learn to use them in positive ways.

The Vision

To not only teach students to read and write, but to help them uncover their strengths and talents and learn to use them in positive ways. It functions in Haitian Creole and uses educational methods which support this vision.

By the Numbers

Students enrolled (100% increase since 2010)
0 %
National exam pass rate 2013-14 (nat'l average is 65%)
0 :1
Student/teacher ratio (nat'l average is 40:1)



Haiti Partners partnered with IMN in January 2010, soon after the earthquake irreparably damaged the school. With generous help from a few great organizations (see below) and a number of generous individuals, IMN was able to provide emergency assistance to its staff and students, build three new buildings, cover staff salaries and reopen the school only two months after the earthquake.

Though we are very proud of the progress to date, IMN still needs support to cover operating costs, continue construction, and a variety of important projects. If you would like to support us in this partnership, please contact:



Angelie Edmond is a 2nd grader at IMN. Her favorite subject is math and when she grows up she wants to be a doctor.

IMN student

Magela Fleurant-Fils is a 3rd grade teacher at IMN. She’s been teaching for 5 years. She grew up just down the street from the school and became a teacher because she’s always loved children and wants to contribute to the development of her community. “There is no lasting development without an educated population,” she says.


Bethlie Cereme is the director of the preschool section at IMN. She has been an educator for 15 years, 10 of which she spent as a preschool teacher. She’s very enthusiastic about the training the school’s partnership with Haiti Partners has made available to her teachers. “These trainings have been key to developing our teachers competence in student-centered teaching. You see it in their classrooms and how well the students are learning.”

Maxandre Bien-Aime is the principal and co-founder of IMN Community School. He studied sociology at the state university, teaches high school in the afternoons, and is also the head librarian at a small library run by a cultural youth organization that he helped begin in 1993. Maxandre is deeply committed to education and hopes one day to grow IMN into a full K-12 school.


A special thanks to our partners on this project

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