Jodie’s Year of Meaningful Work!

Unemployment in Haiti is over 75%. We can do something to change that!

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Total Amount Raised Towards My Goal of $4,200

Over 85% of Haitians live on less than $2 a day. Education and skills can change that!

Last year, I reached out to my network of gracious friends and family to give to the work of Haiti Partners and you stepped up in a big way! THANK YOU!

Now, as a member of the Haiti Partners team, I am even more aware of the needs…and the hopes…of my Haitian friends and colleagues. My goal is to double the gifts of last year and reach $4,200 of donations! A bold goal.

All monies raised go towards helping Haitians change Haiti through education.

Help make my personal contribution of time go even further with your gift of resources! Donate to my campaign.

My Year of Meaningful Work

I would have never imagined that a single week in Haiti with my son in April of 2014 would lead me to working for Haiti Partners, implementing opportunities for Haitians to practice English with US counterparts and establishing an Entrepreneurship Program. Through business skills and training in empathy, these leaders will set a new tone in their communities. These efforts have meaningful impact for our current students but there are so many others that deserve to have hope for the future. Your support will make a difference!

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