First Year Micah Scholars

  • Sonny Deshommes
    Sonny Deshommes Micah Scholar
    About Sonny
  • Bernadette Eliard
    Bernadette Eliard Micah Scholar
    About Bernadette
  • Sadrac Pradieu
    Sadrac Pradieu Micah Scholar
    About Sadrac
  • Milca Felix
    Milca Felix Micah Scholar
    About Milca
  • Edna Admeus
    Edna Admeus Micah Scholar
    About Edna

Second Year Micah Scholars

Third Year Micah Scholars

Fourth Year Micah Scholars

  • Lendel Soirelus
    Lendel Soirelus Micah Scholar
    About Lendel

    Lendel studied Computer Science at CETINFO in Port-au-Prince.  To support himself and his six siblings after his mother died, he sold cell phones and also taught in secondary school. He’s the president of the youth ministry at my church; and a worship leader as well. He also teaches entrepreneurship to the young people of the church and coaches the young children of our church who participate Bible knowledge contests. He describes his greatest challenge is as seeing his community change socially, economically and spiritually.  He desires to work on behalf of children to ensure their social and spiritual growth.

  • Blaise Dieugrand
    Blaise Dieugrand Micah Scholar
    About Blaise

    Blaise is an assistant Sunday School teacher, and itinerant preacher. He also lecture at the youth ministry of his church on sexuality and the Christian life. He works as a tailor to support his ministry. His biggest dream is to go back to his community and work for its holistic development.

  • Etienne Darbouse
    Etienne Darbouse Micah Scholar
    About Etienne

    Etienne is originally from Les Cayes, Haiti. He’s a member of the First Baptist Church of Les Cayes, and the secretary of the baptismal class. He’s studied education and accounting in the last few years. His goal for his theological education is to not only share the Gospel, but to nourish his own soul. He wants to preach the Gospel as far as possible, even beyond Haiti.

  • Jean LaFleur
    Jean LaFleur Micah Scholar
    About Jean

    Jean is a member of the Nazarene Church of Frere. He’s studied Law and Journalism and teaches social sciences. He want to study theology to better understand the Word of God, to evangelize more effectively and teach believers. He’s the vice president of the youth ministry at his church, teaches Sunday School, and also plays bass guitar at the church.

  • Christevienne Jocelyn
    Christevienne Jocelyn Micah Scholar
    About Christevienne

    Christevienne is a leader at her church. She’s the treasurer of the youth ministry and also teaches the youth on moral and spiritual character. She’s studied computer science, and also works part-time as a seamstress. Her goal is to teach spiritual principles that will change her community by helping its members find better education and live a better life.

  • Joseph Pierre
    Joseph Pierre Micah Scholar
    About Joseph

    Joseph is originally from Deschapelles and member of Eglise Baptiste Horem Les Forges in Deschapelles.  He’s an administrator of the church, particularly dealing with finances, and also helps lead the youth group. He wants to study theology to help his community and country grow and develop.

  • Romane Maxi Israel
    Romane Maxi Israel Micah Scholar
  • Frodelyne St. Germain
    Frodelyne St. Germain Micah Scholar
    About Frodelyne

    Frodelyne has bachelor’s degree in Economics, and works for a micro-finance institution. She’s a worship leader at her church and also works in the finance department. Previously, she was the leader of the women’s ministry of the church. She also was a primary school teacher for 7 years.

Micah Scholar Graduates

  • Eliodor Paul
    Eliodor Paul Micah Scholar
    About Eliodor

    Eliodor is a Sunday School teacher, a lay preacher, and a youth leader. His is involved in humanitarian activities in his church. He began his theological studies via a sponsored seminary, but had to stop because that seminary was not receiving funding anymore. He is the third of five children, and is engaged to be married.

  • Erwin Titus
    Erwin Titus Micah Scholar
    About Erwin

    Erwin is superintendent of her church’s Sunday School program, director of program planning for weekly church services, and a youth leader. She holds seminars about the Bible and about social manners for children in her community. She is originally from Grand Goave. She loves singing.

  • Evenet Fertilien
    Evenet Fertilien Micah Scholar
    About Evenet

    Evenet is a Sunday School teacher and the vice present of his church’s youth group. He is the coordinator of the district youth group for his denomination. He is also a lay preacher. He holds training seminars on environment (encouraging people not to cut trees). He used to teach in primary school. He also was a leadership instructor for Compassion International. He loves to teach and preach God’s Word.

  • Fred Fortuné
    Fred Fortuné Micah Scholar
    About Fred

    Fred is coordinator of Sunday School, president of the youth’s spiritual formation group, coordinator of regular morning prayer services, district leader of the leadership association in Church of God church in Port-au-Prince. He has studied as an English and Spanish interpreter. He loves to share the gospel with people. He plays the flute in a multi-church band (because the band can’t yet afford a trumpet, which he wants to learn).

  • Honore Emmanuel
    Honore Emmanuel Micah Scholar
    About Honore

    Honore is a regular preacher as well as Sunday School coordinator for the youth in his Church of God congregation in Carrefour. He also preaches in area churches. He is married, and his wife is pregnant with a little girl. He’s done some extra study in library science and pedagogy. He is passionate about sharing the gospel with people and is also a member of the “cleaning committee” in his neighborhood.

  • Isreal Fevry
    Isreal Fevry Micah Scholar
    About Fevry

    Fevry is director of his church’s Sunday school program. He has also been president of his church’s youth group and sings in the church choir. He studied physical education in Brazil, and has taught English for a number of years. His passion is to continue working on community development.

  • Joseph Brunel
    Joseph Brunel Micah Scholar
    About Brunel

    Brunel is Sunday School coordinator, worship leader, and assistant leader of the leadership association in his Baptist church in Port-au-Prince. He is married and has a four-year-old son. He is a high school science teacher. He’s active in environmental protection in his community. He has a certificate in natural science and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

  • Josias Guerilus
    Josias Guerilus Micah Scholar
    About Josias

    Josias is pastor of Eglise Evangelique Pecheur d’Hommes (Fishers of Men Church) on the Haitian island of Lagonave. He is a Sunday school teacher and leads Bible studies at his church. He also holds trainings on social, economic, and spiritual development. He wants to continue to develop health and education programs for children in his church and community. He is married and has three children.

  • Keda Gustave
    Keda Gustave Micah Scholar
    About Keda

    Keda worked for the United Nations to empower young people and also to raise awareness about STDs. She teaches a new Christians class at her church, as well as teaching children’s Sunday School. She has always been involved in informal counseling. She completed a bachelor’s degree in management at Haiti’s state university. Her passion is to work on behalf of children in Haiti.

  • Millienne Angervil
    Millienne Angervil Micah Scholar
    About Millienne

    Millienne leads worship, teaches Sunday School, and preaches regularly in a Baptist church on the island of La Gonave. She was an elementary school teacher for 14 years at Lekol Kominote Matenwa. She’s a leader in a women’s community group and has trained for post-trauma counseling. She acts in theater in her community, for entertainment and for educational purposes. She’s married, with a young son and daughter.

  • Nadege Louis
    Nadege Louis Micah Scholar
    About Nadege

    Nadege is the Sunday School teacher for new Christians and vice-president of his church’s youth group at his church. She worked for the Zanmi Lasante mobile health clinic. She has a degree in law and studied mechanics.

  • Nikenson Ernest
    Nikenson Ernest Micah Scholar
    About Nikenson

    Nikenson is the Sunday School coordinator for his church, member of youth group’s leadership, and president of the evangelization association in his Pentecostal church in Martissant. He has a bachelor’s degree in community development and project management, and has also studied church planting. He enjoys singing. He is engaged to be married.

  • Rosene Aly
    Rosene Aly Micah Scholar
    About Aly

    Aly leads worship and is a leader in the youth and prayer groups in his evangelical church in Jacmel. As a community organizer in collaboration with Limye Lavi, he has worked against domestic abuse and for protecting women’s rights. He’s volunteer tutored for children in his neighborhood and likes to read and write stories as a hobby.


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  • Evena Saint Germain
    Evena Saint Germain Micah Scholar
    About Evena

    Evena is a Sunday School teacher, member of the local Christian brigades and scout groups, as well as a member of the church choir. She has organized a community prayer group, which is also active in cleaning up the local community. She leads a committee that organizes cultural events. She is engaged to be married.

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