Micah Scholars

Developing a New Generation of Leaders in Haiti

Erwin’s Story

Once an exploited young woman, Erwin was liberated through her hard work with Haiti Partners and her Bible Study on children’s rights. Erwin’s story is an example of how we work to help the Haitian church deepen in faith and engage in social justice. She has transformed through our program into an energetic young leader and advocate.

Watch the video below to learn about her journey.

The Need

A lack of study resources and the controlling style of many pastors means most Haitians, like the women Erwin met, can’t study the Bible or have their voices heard.

And many Haitian churches fail to address restavek, a system which holds over 200,000 children in servitude. These children from poor families are sent to richer homes on the hope of care and education. But all too often, restaveks are exploited and abused, like the young woman in Erwin’s story.

The Root

With nearly 85% of Haitians identifying as Christians, and churches playing important roles in communities across the country, the root problem isn’t a lack of belief or love.

But 500 years of slavery and oppression have given a broken model of leadership to pastors and leaders who don’t receive much training. And all too often, American missionaries have built unhealthy partnerships that only make the problem worse.

How Can We Help Change This?

Our approach is to work with both institutions and individuals, to help the Haitian Church develop leaders like Erwin who create resources and mobilize churches to deepen faith and engage for justice.

Micah Scholars

Drawing from Micah 6:8, the Micah Scholars Program is developing a new generation of pastors and leaders who do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. In partnership with 3 Haitian seminaries, we’re providing 39 young leaders with full scholarships to seek a Bachelor’s of Divinity degree. Through monthly workshops, they acquire key leadership skills, and in quarterly retreats with international church leaders, they connect with the global movement of the Church. And like Erwin, they apprentice in two other key aspects of our work:


Over the past 10 years, our team of Haitian pastors and church leaders has created 7 Christian education study guides. Over 25,000 copies of these guides are being used by churches and ministries across Haiti, like the church where Erwin was leading her Bible Study. And since 2010, we’ve distributed 30,000 Haitian-Creole Bibles in partnership with the Canadian Bible Society.


Our staff and Micah Scholars have helped to train and mobilize more than 2,000 pastors and leaders to take action for justice, particularly for restavek children, in the past three years. Through this work, dozens of restaveks have been liberated and reconciled with their families, like the young woman in Erwin’s story.

The Cost

Each Micah Scholar is in the program for four years. And you or your church can fully support a Micah Scholar for $5,000 a year, which provides:

$ 1600
Annual Tuition and Fees
$ 100
Textbooks and Supplies
$ 1300
Apprenticeship Stipend
$ 1000
8 leadership development workshops and 4 retreats
$ 600
$ 400
Program Leadership and Infrastructure

The Hope

Erwin says it well: “I hope that in the years ahead I will become a leader who makes a big difference—who loves people, and shares love everywhere I go.” We think Erwin already grown into this kind of leader. And we hope you’ll consider helping students like her through giving toward a scholarship.


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