Children’s Academy Parents Decide on Uniforms, Costs & Volunteering Requirements

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June 26, 2012
Erik Badger

At a Children’s Academy and Learning Center meeting earlier this month parents of registered students and Haiti Partners staff sat down together to discuss uniforms, costs and volunteering requirements. These are all critical issues to students’ parents as they affect their ability to pay as well as their own time commitment.

These issues are also important because they reflect upon parents’ engagement with the school and, in turn, their child’s education. Studies show that when parents are engaged in their child’s education, their children have a greater likelihood of success. Since the Children’s Academy is also about community development, volunteering at the school reflects a commitment to the community’s development.

As the linked report explains, we agreed on $25 per year plus 4 hours each week in volunteering. Uniforms will be red and white, with the children’s names stitched into the shirts.

To read the full report, click here.

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