Children’s Rights Training with Beyond Borders

 In Partner Schools, Quality Schools Program

May 6, 2011

This week a select group from Haiti Partners’ teachers and leaders networks received training in children’s rights from Coleen Hedglin and Beyond Borders’ Child Protection Program.  Such a pleasure to work together with our dear colleagues at Beyond Borders!

And what great work they continue to do!  This training uses a method called, “Education is Conversation” (ESK is the Creole acronym).  Through ESK, participants confront, first in conversation and then through role-playing, critical issues that afflict their communities: child abuse, sexual harassment, restavek, and others.  In doing so they not only become more informed about the reality of the issues themselves, but they practice actually intervening.  It’s an exciting and powerful method and has been hugely popular with our teachers.

Thank you Coleen and Beyond Borders!

An ESK Children’s Rights book entitled: “The Importance of Discussions between Adults and Children”

A portion of the group acts out the roles of parents and neighbors dealing with a situation in which a young boy gets his girlfriend pregnant and then leaves her.

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