Haiti Partners and WeTopia Spread Joy to Children in Haiti!

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December 1, 2011

Haiti Partners is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sojo Studios, makers of the new Facebook game, WeTopia.  WeTopia represents an innovative new approach to “social gaming”, where players spread joy in the real world while having fun in the game.  As they build their virtual communities, players gather “Joy,” which can be applied to real world projects of their choice in Haiti and the U.S.  Players can then track their contributions through pictures, videos and in-game messages.  Haiti Partners is one of a number of partner organizations that will execute projects funded through the game.

Funding for real world projects comes through Sojo’s mandate to donate 50% of net profits (never less than 20% revenue) to its charity beneficiaries.  Revenue is generated through advertisers and sponsors as well as players’ purchases of social goods in-game.

WeTopia is free to play.  We encourage you to try it yourself and to spread the word with friends and family.  Click here to play!

For more details, click here for the press release.

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