Isaac Damage at Cité Soleil Community School

 In Partner Schools

August 30, 2012
Sara Ko

Photos taken by school director Guy Morelus

A few days ago, Tropical Storm Isaac loomed over Haiti.  There was news of damage to the tent camps, flooding in homes, and roof panels stripping off into the wind.  Our partner school, Cité Soleil Community School (CSCS) was unfortunately part of the damage.  Below are more pictures of the school, with two entire classrooms losing their roofing.

CSCS has been in plywood and tarps for over two years now, and the storm weakened the already fragile structure.  Wooden support is rotting at the bottom, metal roof panels are torn from other panels flying off and ripping through, and chalkboards were pulled out from their nails.

The large tarp that previously covered the school’s courtyard was yanked down and torn, exposing the school to the burning sun.  A lack of trees in Cité Soleil is bad enough without the protection of a good tarp!

With school starting in a month, we pray for our hardworking and loving Haitian brothers and sisters.  We pray that CSCS will find the help it needs to repair what it can before school, so that at least, in what is already a very tough neighbourhood, bright minds may continue getting brighter.

Amongst this bad news, CSCS closed the previous school year with the highest marks in all of Cité Soleil, bringing much joy and courage to all who commit their hearts to this place.  The staff hopes to bring in the new year with the same strength, despite what is discouraging damage to the school.

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