Partner School COVID-19 Response Update

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While our main school project is the Children’s Academy, we also partner with 6 independent Haitian schools who share our educational vision. Lacking our own staff on the ground at these schools, and, as ever, wanting to respect their autonomy, rather than come up a plan for how they should use their portion of the COVID-19 funding we’ve recently received, we instead invited them to come up with their own plans.

In these pictures, we see what two of them – Bèl Platon and Anonsiyasyon Community Schools – decided to do. Similar to the Children’s Academy, they purchased the supplies needed to create “COVID-19 Prevention Kits” and then distributed them to students’ families and staff members. The kits include 5 gallon buckets, soap, bleach, and materials explaining key methods for avoiding transmitting the virus. In addition, Bèl Platon decided to distribute bags of uncooked rice since they are located on an island where food prices have spiked because the decline in boat traffic to the mainland, making hunger a pressing concern.⠀

We are thrilled to see our Partner Schools stepping up to protect their communities in this challenging time and are proud to be their partners in this effort. ⠀

Thank you to all of you who have supported us in this critical moment and helped to make this important work possible.

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