Partnering with Haitian-American Non-Profit

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February 6, 2011

Haiti Partners is excited about partnering with Haitian-Americans Dr. Yanique Edmond and Dr. Guylaine Richard of WISEOP. Haitian-Americans, who are fluent in Haitian-Creole and knowledgeable of Haitian culture, well studied and with a wealth of experience like Yanique and Guylaine are a gift! We’ll do updates as this partnership unfolds.

A giant THANK YOU as well to members of The People’s Community Baptist Church, where Yanique is a member, who donated generously to IMN Community School. See video below at IMN School.

Left to right: John Engle, Dr. Guylaine Richard, Xavier Abelard, Dr. Yanique Edmond and Benaja Antoine

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