Philippe Lagrenade Joins GCLH and HP

 In Partner Schools, Quality Schools Program

September 3, 2011

We welcome Philippe Lagrenade to our team!

We’re excited about helping more Haitian children have access to quality education thanks to our partnership with GCLH (Grameen Creative Lab Haiti)

Philippe has extensive experience in helping groups start businesses in Haiti and in consulting small businesses. Thanks to a grant from Vista Hermosa Foundation, Philippe’s joined the staff of Grameen Creative Lab Haiti and will focus full-time on helping Haiti Partners partner schools to develop social businesses that will accomplish three things:

  • Provide a well-needed product or service for community
  • Create an additional revenue source for school which can help pay teachers’ salaries and other school expenses
  • Help school staff, students and parents learn entrepreneurship

Below is short video from our meeting yesterday at GCLH offices introducing Philippe to representatives from our partner schools and discussing plans for moving forward together.

GCLH Country Director Claudine Francois in photo below with HP Partner School liaison Abelard Xavier

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